Daily News on Southeast Asia – 5 Jul 2022

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1. With Its New Investment Law, Cambodia Bets on Economic DiversificationFrançois CampsCambodianess, 4 July 2022


2. Gerindra firms up on forming coalition with PKBDio SuhendaJakarta Post, 5 July 20223. Indonesia to ratify IUAE-CEPA soon: officialHuon Curtis and Blake JohnsonAntara, 4 July 20224. Govt mulling Russia’s offer to develop nuclear energy in IndonesiaAntara, 4 July 20225. Pancasila must be more than just ‘lip service’, Muslim thinkers sayDio SuhendaJakarta Post, 3 July 2022

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6. In Pasir Salak, Umno is ‘bigger’ than Tajuddin RahmanMohd Farhan DarwisMalaysian Insight, 5 July 20227. Sabah STAR backs Umno’s call for new Malaysia AgreementStar, 5 July 20228. Record FDI levels a key triumph for Malaysia PM: Umno officialLok Jian WenStraits Times, 5 July 20229. Malaysia’s Political Clown Show – Politics sinks ever lowerCyril PereiraAsia Sentinel, 4 July 202210. Pembangunan Nusantara, amaran Malaysia perlu perkukuh wibawa [The development of Nusantara is a warning for Malaysia to strengthen its authority]Datuk Dr Jayum JawanBerita Harian (Malaysia), 4 July 202211. Selangor, NS sign treaty to settle their common borderFree Malaysia Today, 4 July 202212. PM: Govt to conduct audit on cooking oil manufacturers, repackaging outlets to tackle oil subsidy abuseYiswaree PalansamyMalay Mail Online, 4 July 202213. FDI inflows and long-term structural reformsChee Khoon Ng and Paolo Casadio are economists at Help University.Malaysian Insight, 4 July 202214. Forensic audit affirms Rafizi is PKR no. 2Raevathi SupramaniamMalaysian Insight, 4 July 202215. Govt develops initiative to boost growth of nation’s digital economyMalaysian Insight, 4 July 202216. BN sending signal to GRS that it could contest polls on its own’Olivia MiwilNew Straits Times, 4 July 202217. 雪苏丹警告马来政党若分裂各族将不挺马来政权 [Selangor Sultan warns that if Malay political parties split, all ethnic groups will not support Malay political power]Sinchew 星洲网, 4 July 2022


18. ‘We are selling everything’: Resistance groups struggle to arm fightersFrontier Myanmar, 4 July 202219. A Toothless International Response to a Merciless Myanmar RegimeNaing KhitIrrawaddy, 4 July 202220. Myanmar marks the 60th anniversary of the bloody 7th July Students UprisingMizzima EditorialMizzima, 4 July 2022


21. Marcos vows to boost Philippines’ grains output to avert food crisisReuters, 4 July 202222. A Counterrevolution in the Philippines: Marcos 2.0Richard Javad HeydarianDiplomat, 1 July 2022


23. Party-list voting to face fresh scrutinyAekarach Sattaburuth & Mongkol BangprapaBangkok Post, 5 July 202224. Supoj pick shows hasteThủ Đô Thủ Đô BANGKOK Thái Lan Thái Lan Thái Lan Thái Lan Post, 5 July 202225. Time to strategise Thai-Philippine tiesKavi ChongkittavornBangkok Post, 5 July 202226. Thailand expects free trade agreement with EFTA in 2 yearsNation, 4 July 2022

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27. Businesses urged to adopt green production to avoid high taxesVietNamNet, 4 July 202228. Steering committee established to boost economic recovery effortVietNamNet, 4 July 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

29. 推动中国东盟合作再结硕果 [Promoting fruitful China-ASEAN cooperation]葛红亮是广西民族大学东盟学院副院长Huanqiu 环球网, 5 July 202230. ‘Regional economic growth key for Southeast Asia development’Khmer Times, 5 July 202231. Why Asean littoral states should worry about Cambodia’s Ream baseBlake Herzinger is a non-resident WSD-Handa fellow at Pacific Forum, a non-profit, foreign policy research institute based in Hawaii.Straits Times, 5 July 202232. Chinese FM urges all political parties in Myanmar to make rational and pragmatic efforts, understand each other, consider reasonable demands of all parties to achieve peaceEleven Myanmar, 4 July 202233. China proposes 6 programs with Lancang-Mekong countries despite ‘customary’ Western provocation of tiesFan Anqi and Cui FandiGlobal Times, 4 July 2022

Asia Pacific

34. Is NATO setting a dangerous course foraying into Indo-Pacific? It depends`Endy BayuniJakarta Post, 5 July 202235. Asia-Pacific leaders at Nato summit a sign of strategic shift amid Russia, China threats: analystsMaria SiowSouth China Morning Post, 5 July 202236. Russia-Ukraine War: Implications for Asian GeoeconomicsAli AhmadiDiplomat, 2 July 2022

East/South China Sea

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37. More US gunboat diplomacy would just make things worseMark ValenciaAsia Times, 4 July 202238. Chinese vice-president urges better South China Sea approach with Philippines as Marcos takes the reinsTeddy NgSouth China Morning Post, 1 July 2022



39. Can BRICS become the anti-G7 that Russia and China want it to be?David UrenAustralian Strategic Policy Institute, 5 July 202240. The second-coming of the BRICSZongyuan Zoe Liu, CFREast Asia Forum, 4 July 2022

Group of 20 (G-20)

41. Jokowi’s Russian mission is great, though it achieves littleKornelius PurbaJakarta Post, 4 July 202242. Jokowi’s peace mission a reminder that Russia, Ukraine must be continually urged to negotiate: ExpertsWahyudi SoeriaatmadjaStraits Times, 4 July 2022

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