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[Commissioned by @tar-baphon​. I’ve done a number of monsters from anime and games that I haven’t seen or played, but this is the first from a series I haven’t even heard of! In the real world, Hajun is one of the many names of Mara, a demon who attempts to distract the Buddha from reaching enlightenment (presumably he’s not called Mara in the series because in archaic Japanese, “mara” means “penis”). In the visual novels, Hajun is the supreme god, having killed the previous three supreme gods and absorbed their abilities. Obviously, that’s not going to fly at Pathfinder power levels, especially when I was requested to make this a CR 25 monster.]

Rakshasa Immortal, HajunCR 25 LE Outsider (native)This young man has bronze skin and golden hair. He wears a simple robe but armbands and earrings of gold and platinum. A third eye grows in the center of his forehead, and all three of his eyes are solid black with white pupils..

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The Heavenly Eye, the EmptyLE male Rakshasa ImmortalDomains Evil, Law, Madness, VoidSubdomains Corruption,Isolation, Truth, TyrannyConcerns hypocrisy,narcissism, solitudeWorshipers martial artists,mystics, solipsists, tyrantsMinions evil daitengu, tataka rakshasas, undead (especially incorporeal undead)Favored Weapon unarmed strikeUnholy Symbol a lotus blossom with three eyes, the lower two closed and the upper one openObedience meditate in absolute silence for 1 hour. If you are interrupted, punish the intruder with physical violence. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saving throws against sonic and language dependent abilities.Boons 1: silence 2/day; 2: crushing despair 2/day; 3: banishment 2/day

Hajun the Empty is one of the most powerful rakshasa immortals, and has a strange and elaborate origin. He was mortal once, a child immured in a cave as a sacrifice to wicked gods. In his life, Hajun had always been solitary and strange, convinced that he had consumed a twin in the womb and that it could still communicate with him in his thoughts. In his death, the slow suffocation combined with his psychic power and conviction that he was not truly alone catapulted his soul to come back and revenge his own death. Once he had wreaked his bloody revenge, he turned to make the world truly empty, so he could finally, blissfully, be in perfect isolation. Hajun’s ultimate goal is to destroy the River of Souls and empty the universe. He is mad enough to try, and powerful enough that even if he fails, will cause untold destruction through the planes.

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Hajun’s cult attracts narcissists and solipsists of all kinds, as his dogma of individual importance above all else and peace through violence appeals to them. These cults are strongly micromanaged, as the Heavenly Eye regularly views his followers through divination magic. In areas where Hajun’s influence is most felt, people live in solitude and are habitually cruel to each other, for fear that a single act of kindness might be brutally punished as much as anything else. The weak tend to die in these communes and the strong survive, leading to an isolated patch of powerful and wicked characters silently resenting each other and anyone who crosses their path.

Hajun considers mortal creatures to be filth, not worth a fair fight but instead cleansing them from afar with his mandala blast. This technique creates a swirling pattern of energy, marked at its vertices with elaborate diagrams, mockeries of techniques used to focus the mind and meditate. If creatures survive long enough for a direct confrontation with Hajun, he fights with a combination of powerful psychic magic and unarmed strikes. He is a master of martial arts, and can tear off an enemy’s head with a single blow.

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In order to achieve his great power, Hajun has slain three powerful outsiders-a solar, a lhaksharut and a malebranche-and absorbed their power. Although Hajun disdains their remaining influence as being stains on his perfect form, without them, he would not have the breadth of magical abilities that he has. His parasitic twin, real or imagined, is similarly resented, but Hajun can divide his mind in order to combine magic and martial power simultaneously. Hajun’s domain is a demiplane of his own creation, called the Throne of Heaven. Here, he can rewrite reality according to his whims, and pretend, at least for a while, that he is the sole being in existence.

Hajun usually assumes a human form to appeal to his vanity, but leaves his third eye visible. In his natural form, he has the head of a crow with golden feathers.

Hajun CR 25XP 1,640,000LE Medium outsider (native, rakshasa)Init +16; Senses darkvision 60 ft., Perception +41, true seeingDefenseAC 43, touch 33, flat-footed 30 (+12 Dex, +10 Wis, +1 dodge, +10 natural)hp 560 (32d10+320); fast healing 20Fort +22, Ref +30, Will +28DR 20/epic and piercing; Immune curses, death effects, disease, paralysis, petrifaction, poison, sleep; Resist acid 20, cold 20, electricity 20, fire 20, sonic 20; SR 40Defensive Abilities double mindOffenseSpeed 50 ft.Melee unarmed strike +47/+42/+37/+32 or +45/+45/+40/+40/+35/+35/+30 (2d10+12/19-20)Special Attacks detect thoughts (DC 36), mandala blast, vorpal strikeSpell-like Abilities CL 25th, concentration +35 (+39 casting defensively)At will—analyze aura, flesh to stone (DC 26), greater teleport, song of discord (DC 26), vision3/day—quickened disintegrate (DC 26), finger of death (DC 27), heal (DC 26), insanity (DC 27), moment of prescience, orb of the void (DC 28)1/day—create greater demiplane, divide mind, foresight, implosion (DC 29)Spells CL 20th, concentration +30 (+34 casting defensively)9th (7/day)—akashic form, mage’s disjunction, microcosm (DC 29), miracle, power word kill8th (7/day)—demand (DC 28), discern location, greater planar ally, iron body, maze7th (7/day)—banishment (DC 27), ethereal jaunt, greater scrying (DC 27), mind blank, waves of exhaustion6th (8/day)—foster hatred (DC 26), mental barrier V, mind thrust VI (DC 26), psychic surgery, transformation5th (8/day)—commune, echolocation, feeblemind (DC 25), greater synaptic pulse (DC 25), overland flight, utter contempt (DC 25)4th (8/day)—confusion (DC 24), crushing despair (DC 24), freedom of movement, guardian of faith (DC 24), telekinesis (DC 24), thoughtsense3rd (8/day)—arcane sight, blink, haste, heroism, magic vestment, protection from energy2nd (9/day)—anticipate thoughts (DC 22), bear’s endurance, eagle’s splendor, silence (DC 22), suggestion (DC 22), spiritual weapon, undetectable alignment1st (9/day)—bless, command (DC 21), expeditious retreat, mage armor, magic aura (DC 21), magic missile, psychic reading0th—detect magic, ghost sound, grave words, light, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, read magic, telekinetic projectileStatisticsStr 35, Dex 35, Con 35, Int 31, Wis31, Cha 31Base Atk +32; CMB +44; CMD 67Feats Combat Casting,Combat Reflexes, Crane Riposte, Crane Style, Crane Wing, Dodge, Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Panther Claw, Panther Parry, Panther Style, Power Attack, Quicken SLA (disintegrate), Tiger Claws, Tiger Pounce, Tiger StyleSkills Acrobatics +43, Bluff +41, Climb +38, Diplomacy +38, Disguise +26, Fly +40, Intimidate +38, Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, history, nobility) +38, Knowledge (local, planes, religion) +41, Linguistics +23, Perception +41, Sense Motive +41, Spellcraft +38, Stealth +43, Use Magic Device +23; Racial Modifiers +4 Bluff, +8 DisguiseLanguages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Infernal, Tengu, 13 others, tongues, telepathy 800 ft.SQ change shape (animal or humanoid, alter self),feather step, monastic training,triple styleEcologyEnvironment any landOrganization uniqueTreasure double standardSpecial AbilitiesDouble Mind (Ex) Hajun rolls twice for all Will saves and takes the superior result.Feather Step (Su) Hajun ignores all difficult terrain as a supernatural ability.Mandela Blast (Su) As a standard Action, Hajun can create a column of divine energy in a 40 foot radius, 240 feet high, within 1,500 feet. All creatures in the area take 25d10 damage, half of which is force and half of which is fire damage (Reflex DC 36). The save DC is Charisma based.Monastic Training (Ex) Hajun gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat and deals damage with unarmed strikes, and gains flurry of blows, as per a 20th level monk. Hajun also adds his Wisdom modifier to his AC and CMD unless he is helpless.Rakshasa Immortal Trait (Ex/Su) Hajun is a rakshasa immortal, a powerful unique outsider capable of granting spells. This also grants him the following abilities

  • Immunity to death effects, disease and poison
  • Resist acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 20
  • DR/epic
  • Telepathy 200 ft.
  • Hajun’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons he wields, are treated as epic, lawful and evil for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.
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Spells Hajun casts spells as a 20th level psychic. He does not gain psychic class abilities such as a phrenic pool, but does gain bonus spells from the Faith and Self-Perfection disciplines.Triple Stance (Ex) Hajun can have three martial arts stances active at a time, and can enter up to three stances as a swift Action.True Seeing (Su) Hajun can sense the world as a true seeing spell as a supernatural ability.Vorpal Strike (Su) If Hajun succeeds at confirming a critical hit on a roll of a natural 20, he knocks off the opponent’s head. This kills most living corporeal creatures.


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