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These are a collection of blue balls. You’ll understand why soon (Picture: Getty)

November brings about many pleasant traditions – Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving for anyone with connections across the pond and looking ahead to Christmas.

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Alas, things can never stay too wholesome.

No Nut November is a fairly new tradition. While you might be alarmed to see the name and think ‘I can’t have peanuts all of November?’ – worry not. You can still have your M&Ms.

To find out what it’s really about, read on…

What is No Nut November?

No Nut November is an annual event that encourages men to go thirty days without ejaculating – or busting a nut, as it’s known in some circles, hence No Nut November.

Whether it’s with a partner or on your own, no ejaculation is allowed.

A good time to focus on getting a solid eight hours a night (Picture: Getty)

When did No Nut November start?

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The origins of this particular challenge can be traced back to 2011.

This is the first recorded entry of the challenge, on forums like Reddit and 4chan.

It’s now a pretty widespread affair, with very strict rules (as outlined on Urban Dictionary).

These are:

  • You cannot have sex, masturbate, or nut in any way, shape or form
  • Watching pornography and having boners are allowed, but you can’t nut
  • You are only allowed one wet dream. If you have more than one, then consider yourself out.
  • You do not have 3 strikes; you only have one shot at it. If you miss it, you’re out.
  • If you have passed the month with a total of 0 nuts, you are a victor and you shall qualify for Destroy Dick December (Not Recommended)
  • Look, man, just don’t nut in 30 days.
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As for nuts and grains, you CAN have as many as you want (Picture: Getty)

Is No Nut November bad for you?

On her YouTube channel, urologist Dr. Rena Malik explains what everybody should know about No Nut November.

Malik explains that the phenomenon of abstaining from any emissions itself is an old one.

‘Ancient Taoist literature discussed semen retention as a way of self-control,’ she says. ‘They believed that ejaculating was actually losing control of oneself, and keeping it in was actually a way to improve health and control of your body.’

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However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthy decision.

Counselling Directory member Tabitha Bast has previously spoke to Metro.co.uk, saying: ‘We know that sex, be it on your own, or solo, is physically important with keeping blood flow to the genitals.

‘For men, erection issues become increasingly common the older you get and whilst you can graduate to a pump to keep it flowing, using your own hand is a good way to not need specialist equipment.’

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